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#65951 - 12/25/05 12:22 PM Re: Weight loss/fitness/diet websites
Ching Shih

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Loc: Chicago area

Getting through the holidays on a new "plan" just bites. And I'm bummed that Miss Alli's not writing on Losing the Cow anymore, because it was riotously funny. But I do like these:

Skinny Kat and Pair Up, Pare Down

And The Skinny Daily Post rocks.

#83419 - 06/14/07 10:48 AM Re: Weight loss/fitness/diet websites [Re: betso26]
Gráinne ni Mhaille

Registered: 07/19/03
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Loc: Manchester, UK & Toronto, ON

Has anyone here tried a liquid of very low calorie diet? I'v gained a lot of weight again recently. I know how to lose weight, in the past I've lost 40 to 60 lbs. And I've done it 3 times. unfortunately I've gained that weight (and more) 4 times. Usually when I make up my mind I just start dieting and working out like mad and the weight drops off. But this time I'm struggling. I'm working out like mad but i just can't seem to stop eating. So, I'm considering drastic measures. Can anyone give me their experiences?
#83421 - 06/14/07 11:08 AM Re: Weight loss/fitness/diet websites [Re: curlyq]
Ching Shih

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Go to a nutritionist. Drastic measures are rarely effective in keeping weight off long term.
#83423 - 06/14/07 11:15 AM Re: Weight loss/fitness/diet websites [Re: viva]
Ching Shih

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I second the nutritionist suggestion - my new healthcare plan permitted four visits due to my health conditions, and I took full advantage of them. She did an amazing job of discussing choices, why I eat when and what I eat and healthy alternatives. I would have loved to go back for more visits, but I can't afford what my healthcare plan doesn't pay for.
#91646 - 08/05/12 12:33 PM Re: Weight loss/fitness/diet websites [Re: Sylver]
Ching Shih

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I did just read an interesting article on intermittent fasting. It is supposed to help with weight loss and other health issues. It is on the BBC News health page.
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