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#62011 - 05/17/04 06:38 PM Your favorite coffee mug?
Ching Shih

Registered: 08/05/03
Posts: 262
Loc: Maryland

While I'm a tea drinker, I never use those dainty little teacups -- they don't hold enough and they let the tea get cold! I want a big mug, solid enough to hold the heat for a while. My current favorite (in a household attempting to amass the World's Largest Collection of Ugly Coffee Mugs) is a pretty one that Tygrkatt brought back from Disney World, covered with dozens of Disney creatures. (If only it had Beauty and the Beast's Belle on it instead of Mickey and Minnie!)

#2 has a chickadee clinging to a pine bough.

What does your favorite mug look like?

#62012 - 05/18/04 03:09 AM Re: Your favorite coffee mug?
FishDreamer Administrator
Ching Shih

Registered: 08/27/01
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Loc: Windy City USA

I have a set of art mugs I originally got at Starbucks (back more than ten years ago!) and have supplemented as they became available elsewhere. My favorite is the Chagall one. They're 16 oz, which is exactly the size I know how to sweeten properly. I get cranky with smaller mugs because they don't hold enough, and bigger ones are too heavy for my wrists.

Except for the one I bought last year: It's a Seattle city mug (also from Starbucks - I can't help it, I live here) and I think it's 20 oz. It's perfect for tea.

I have a whole set of the older city mugs from all over, but they are definitely too big and heavy. This newer city mug is smaller and made out of something thinner so it's not quite as heavy. I use the bigger ones for soup.

Don't even think about the 6-oz tea cups! I have a set of 18 I inherited from my grandmother, which I've never used.

#62013 - 05/18/04 03:48 AM Re: Your favorite coffee mug?
Gráinne ni Mhaille

Registered: 12/14/03
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Loc: Vancouver, B.C.

I have such an unhealthy obsession with mugs - I'm not even sure why but I started amassing them and now I can't stop.

I have quite a few from Starbucks - I have a friend that works there so I get the hookup ;\) . My favourite one is a big 20 oz. one that just got released from Starbucks this year. It has their coffee stickers on it with the Sulawesi sticker being the most dominant (which is also my second favourite coffee!).

Someday I'll be in the Guiness book of world records for having the most mugs - it's a personal goal.

#62014 - 05/18/04 06:45 AM Re: Your favorite coffee mug?
Ching Shih

Registered: 11/18/02
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Loc: Iraq

My favorite mugs are the huge latte types, even though I only drink tea. At home I have a solid black one that sees a lot of use and a green and red plaid one that I use a lot as well. At work, I have my two 2d Armored Division "Hell on Wheels" mugs because I will always be hell on wheels.
#62015 - 05/18/04 09:02 AM Re: Your favorite coffee mug?
Ching Shih

Registered: 07/29/03
Posts: 574
Loc: Maryland, USA

My current favorite is a pretty one that Tygrkatt brought back from Disney World
Glad you like it.

I picked up set of very pretty butterfly mugs at a nature type store last year. There's a monarch (the only kind of butterfly I know by sight) and yellow one, a light blue and a teal kind of blue butterfly. I don't use them much, but I love having them when I do.

#62016 - 05/18/04 09:48 AM Re: Your favorite coffee mug?
Ching Shih

Registered: 01/25/04
Posts: 94
Loc: Knoxville, TN

I'm currently drinking coffee out of a mug that says, "Smart Women Thirst for Knowledge".

My favorite coffee mug has Emma Goldman's mug shot on it and a quote from her that says, "Sooner or later the American people are going to wake up." It's so clever and funny on a couple of levels. Plus, Emma Goldman is rad.

#62017 - 05/18/04 12:23 PM Re: Your favorite coffee mug?
Ching Shih

Registered: 06/02/00
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Loc: Northern California

My favorite mugs are big solid earthenware things, with thick handles and lips, slightly curved. The one I use at work comes from the Farmer\'s Diner in Vermont, with a cool farmer logo on one side and the words "food from here" on the other. At home, I have mugs from Café du Monde in New Orleans, similarly shaped. They hold the heat well and are sturdy.

I actually replaced our whole set of everyday china because I hated the mugs so much. They didn't hold heat in! So I got these mugs and then bought IKEA's 365 collection, with cool squared-off white plates and a set of white teacups. They are pretty good teacups, especially for about two bucks apiece. Somtimes, I do like a teacup.

#62018 - 05/20/04 01:49 PM Re: Your favorite coffee mug?
Ching Shih

Registered: 11/17/03
Posts: 118
Loc: Cambridge (the one in England)

I have an alarming number of mugs for tea ... my favourites right now are Penguin book mugs ...

I have Country Life , A Room of Ones Own, The Invisible Man , The Pursuit of Love , and The Invisible Man ... yellow, green, orange and purple ... they look great on the kitchen windowsill ...

#62019 - 05/20/04 02:00 PM Re: Your favorite coffee mug?
Ching Shih

Registered: 01/02/03
Posts: 190
Loc: Knoxville, Tennessee

my very favorite mug has the cheshire cat on it, and when a hot beverage is poured in, he disappears-- except, of course, for his famous grin. =D

my second favorite mug has two painted scenes from I Love Lucy on it-- the chocolate factory and the grape stomping.

my third favorite has Disney's Cinderella on it, with a thought bubble that says, "A princess shouldn't have to work this hard."

#62020 - 05/20/04 03:36 PM Re: Your favorite coffee mug?
Gráinne ni Mhaille

Registered: 09/10/03
Posts: 24
Loc: Oxford, UK

My favorite mug is one of those brightly colored, personalized, handpainted ones - probably a staple of touristy places everywhere. My old boss found a batch on sale and bought one for each of us. He couldn't find my name, so he got me one that says "Queen." \:D

My second favorite mug is from my small collection of diner mugs. From the legendary and now non-exsistant Deli Haus in Boston, it reads - "Sleep? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Sleep!"

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