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#55440 - 11/15/05 11:46 AM [Book Bundle] Fourfold Wives' Tales: A Bundle of Books about Writers' Wives
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New contributor Colleen M. Sullivan wonders about writers\' wives :

Perhaps no one gets closer to understanding [how stories really get written] than a writer’s wife. But what must a woman endure for that understanding? For if the writing process can be broken into three simple steps, the preparation, in many a famous case, seems to consist of innumerable antic rounds of carousing, fretting, talking, and whoring. And who wants that? For whom is such an exchange a worthy bargain? Or in other words, what woman in her right mind marries a writer? (Not, of course, that I mean to say that writer’s husbands have it easy—being Leonard Woolf wasn’t a day at the beach—but this is Chicklit, and so I’m choosing to focus on the female half of this endeavour.)

#55441 - 11/15/05 03:21 PM Re: [Book Bundle] Fourfold Wives' Tales: A Bundle of Books about Writers' Wives
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“I haunt thrift stores and church rummage sales, buying up foxed paperbacks for pocket change, which I then take home and dissect, word by word, with scissors. When I’ve done two or three, I take out my paste pot and begin to compose. Sometimes I run out of verbs, toward the end.”

Random off topic bit of trivia one writer actually does something similar. 'Woman's World' by Graham Rawle was constructed from words snipped from the author's large collection of women's lifestyle magazines, from the 50s to 80s.

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