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#55411 - 06/05/05 07:52 PM Re: [Paper Jam] Author, Interrupted: Paula Kamen's memoir All In My Head
Ching Shih

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And regarding the perfume: come over here and sit by me, and we will seethe in our unscented glory.
I actually wear perfume, but it a) is a relatively restrained scent that I've tested to make sure it doesn't bother me, and b) does not follow me around in a ten-foot cloud because I've fucking bathed in it.

#55412 - 06/06/05 09:11 PM Re: [Paper Jam] Author, Interrupted: Paula Kamen's memoir All In My Head
Ching Shih

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I found out about this book somewhere on the web, also read the salon article/interview. Got the book out of the library and have recommended it to a bunch of people.

I ended up having really mixed emotions and reactions to this book. I do love her wry sense of humor. I found myself relating to when she talks about how there are fewer & fewer people she could mock, itís so true of my 30ís in general.

Since I rarely get the overwhelming migraines, or at least I didnít recognize them as such because thereís no aura, Iíve tended to slog along with low to mid grade headaches for years now. But a few months ago I managed to transform a series of migraines (in retrospect) into a nasty daily chronic headache. And reading All in my Head makes me wonder if years of neglecting the headaches has allowed them to create new pathways & become permanent. Iím under a neurologists care (and she gets migraines herself) and weíre exploring all the options one by one, so Iím still willing to believe that I can get rid of it. Also because they donít run in my genetic family. But. What if I canít?

I think Iím going to have to make some hard decisions about BC, lifestyle changes, and perhaps work conditions. And Iím at the ďI donít want toĒ temper tantrum stage about all those. Iíve been fortunate that the majority of the people Iíve talked to have been empathetic, and itís easier to explain than the *@^# shin splints Iíve had for 4 or more years. Normal people recover from shin splints in a week, but there turns out to be a lot more migrainuers (and their friends & family) out there.

Her chapter on the tired girls hit me hard. I think itís true of anyone whoís dealing with chronic pain. The changes you end up making to your life & lifestyle. The things you give up, the planning you have to make, the adjustments your friends make. How you find out who your real friends are. Ok that usually shakes out one way or the other.

Iím really glad she wrote this book, but I wish she didnít have to.

#55413 - 08/29/05 01:00 PM Re: [Paper Jam] Author, Interrupted: Paula Kamen's memoir All In My Head
Ching Shih

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I just finished this, and want to add my thoughts. My first was that, somehow, reading the book gave me a headache; or maybe it was just that reading the book made me realize I had a headache. The first couple chapters were, because of this, pretty hard to get through, but I perservered and am glad I did. It was a fascinating memoir. I couldn't imagine how doctors can be so inane in the face of such pain, but they are.

I have self-diagnosed myself with Sensory Processing Disorder, which means that I experience certain sensory things in a much more intense way than other people. SPD is common in people with the NLD I have, and for me, it means that I smell, taste, and hear things really, really strongly. I'm in my bedroom by the window and I can smell the cigar from the guy on his porch a house or two down; vegetables are so bitter they make me nauseous; and flourescent lights are like small insects buzzing above my head. Nausea, exhaustion, and headaches will occur if I do not remove myself from a sensory environment that is too overloaded, which usually can't be helped.

I agree with deborah that most perfume wearers are very obnoxious. Some people wear them to cover their bad BO, but the thing is? I can smell right through the perfume and smell your nasty self! And if you're going to smoke, please do it away from the building so I don't have to walk through a cloud of it and choke just to get to the door. They would get out of the way for a person in a wheelchair, but invisible disabilities just aren't on the public's radar yet, unfortunately.

#55414 - 09/04/05 12:55 PM Re: [Paper Jam] Author, Interrupted: Paula Kamen's memoir All In My Head
Anonymous Unregistered

BO, what the heck is that in our day and age? What are you saying, woman, and how young, or old are you?
Smells can also bring back the past. Ever thought of that? And in the most frightening way. Like war and loss and murder and killing and fear, and soiling yourself, because of it. Ever thought of that angle?
I'm one of WW II gang and I use Madame Rochas, or Femme by Rochas, not to cover up my stink of myself, or my past, but because I like it. It soothes my nerves. Come smell 'my nasty self'.
PS I am in a wheelchair. Most of the time.

#55415 - 09/04/05 08:35 PM Re: [Paper Jam] Author, Interrupted: Paula Kamen's memoir All In My Head
Ching Shih

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The government of Nova Scotia banned scented products in government offices several years ago, and it's lovely. I don't actually get many headaches, but when I do, they're usually from allergies, often to perfumes. Now that I live in Tennessee, I miss being able to work in a scent-free environment.
#55416 - 09/04/05 09:30 PM Re: [Paper Jam] Author, Interrupted: Paula Kamen's memoir All In My Head
Ching Shih

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Deborah 2--You are being rude and you need to watch your tone here. Read through this topic and you will see that it is about women who experience chronic pain/headaches and one of the real triggers is perfume. I'm not sure what set you off, but as a moderator, I won't tolerate disrespect. If you have a question about this, email me or one of the other moderators.
#55417 - 09/29/05 01:59 PM Re: [Paper Jam] Author, Interrupted: Paula Kamen's memoir All In My Head
Ching Shih

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A friend of mine has been having severe headaches for at least a few years now. Eventually the National Health Service got around to giving him a brain scan (70+ weeks after they said 'you should have a brain scan'), and thankfully he doesn't have a brain tumour, but they sound pretty stumped - put him on anti-epileptic drugs for a while because they weren't sure what else to do...he's cheerfully resigned to having multiple days per month where 'standing up' and 'having a light on' is just not going to happen. I shall recommend this book to him.
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